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Simple tools for precision agriculture

Hectare iOS App

Easy to use mapping tools

Open multiple map types, including shape, csv, kml and kmz files.

Import maps from anywhere, including Dropbox, Google Drive and your emails.

Transferring maps between iOS devices using Hectare is easy with AirDrop (no internet required).

Hectare Map Importing

Frequent, high resolution satellite imagery

New, high resolution (10m) satellite imagery every 5 days.

Available in multiple bands, including True Colour, NDVI and Moisture.

Hectare Satellite Imagery

Realtime rainfall & weather

Hectare can connect to WildEye, and other automated weather stations to provide you with realtime information.

We also connect to DPIRD, and pull in yearly histories, month to date totals and more.

Hectare Rainfall Calendar

Connect to devices and operate machinery

Hectare can stream GPS data from third party devices, like the Emlid Reach RS.

Coming Soon: My John Deere connectivity.

git/picture of MyJD machine tracking

Much more

Utilities & tools for measurement and calculating areas.

The app will also often contain demos that highlight what we believe are "interesting" new precision ag technologies.

Kyle Carson

We used Hectare at harvest time to help cut out high moisture areas in our barley and canola. It worked a treat.

Kyle Carson - Ajana & Binnu Farmer

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