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A Hectare subscription includes:

    Access to current & historical 10m Sentinel imagery. Colour, NDVI & more, Australia wide.
    Access to the latest 30m Landsat imagery, also Australia wide.
    Visualisation tools to view your maps and other agricultural data.
    Drawing tools to help annotate maps. Then text or email them straight from the app.
    Access to realtime DAFWA weather and rain radar information.
    Realtime coverage sharing between any devices using Hectare.
    Stream RTK GPS data into our iOS apps from Emlid devices.
    Connect your MyJohnDeere account to import data and track machinery.
    We also provide unlimited online storage to backup your data.

Hectare is a new service, and growing quickly.

While subscribed you automatically get access to new features.

Ask us about our future plans. We're building what you want to use.

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